The runlinc IDE (pictured below) is a programming environment on a Wi-Fi chip, accessed through a browser on your laptop or even your phone. We sell the runlinc IDE installed on a Wi-Fi chip in the runlinc Inventors' Kit. To purchase this kit click on 'Kit Details' below. The kit also comes with our STEMSEL development board (pictured below) which can be programmed using runlinc. To find out more about how to use runlinc with our STEMSEL board click on 'runlinc Projects'.


runlinc Impresses Employers

runlinc Saves The Day

Seyyed impressed employers in graduate job interview test which no previous candidates completed.

Seyyed completed the test within the given time of one and half days using runlinc IDE.

The company manager said no previous applicants have completed the test using Arduino IDE in the given time.

Seyyed is helping 3000 SSM students from engineering and business courses in India to make their own personal runlinc app to impress employers with their unique case studies.


runlinc is a new AI / IoT invention from South Australia. It is a web page inside a wi-fi chip. It is a rapid development platform for IoT, AI, and STEM inventions. The programming is done inside the web browser as opposed to programming on a computer.






runlinc can predict when a turbine that makes electricity for an oil refinery will need maintenance or it may catch fire



runlinc can be developed to predict whether a patient has diabetes by comparing photos of their eye retina to people who have diabetes, which causes blindness, and people who do not have diabetes (Deep Learning)



runlinc can be developed to predict whether customers will default on their bankloans (Machine Learning)




IOT Bench Test

Make a web server turn on and turn off 2 LEDs, buzzer and motor

Completion Time:

runlinc: 30 minutes

Other technologies: 30 hours



Graduate Job Interview Hackathon Test

Make a web server in 12 hours to display the real time graphs of inside room temperatures and outside room temperatures

Completion Time:

runlinc: 8 hours

Other technologies: Failed to complete

The Australian Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) says wifi changed the world, runlinc will do the same. runlinc is approved for Defence Industry Skilling and Defence Education Skilling in STEM, AI, IoT Inventions.


runlinc can be used by children 8 years and above, school and university students in engineering, commerce and humanities, engineers, hobbyists

Watch Michael Zhang ask Google Home to tell runlinc to plot a graph of the changing light intensity in a room. The light sensor is connected to a STEMSEL control board.

Control Wi-Fi Robot

Young INVENTOR FOR SOCIAL GOOD Michael, programmed runlinc using the iPad Accelerometer to control a wifi Robot


Max Weir (13 year old boy) is seen showing the Google runlinc control in this clip. The young inventor visited Kuala Lumpur for the World's Young Inventor Competition. Going places, literally.

Max Weir on ABC TV

Max’s runlinc BioBin “KIDS FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE WITH STEM, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and SOLAR in SCHOOLS” connecting with Swedish school girl climate activist Greta Thunberg and implementing Dr Yunus Vision of Zero Carbon Emissions in schools.

Max Weir won the World Young Inventor Competition 2019 in Malaysia.



Kids doing wonders with runlinc

A 13-year-old Adelaide boy has won an international inventors award in Malaysia after designing a Wi-Fi enabled electronic monitoring system for compost bins.

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STEM and runlinc

A simple electronics development platform is giving the power of advanced STEM technology to children and some of the world’s most disadvantaged people.

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AI Scarecrow

runlinc being used to design an Artificial Intelligence scarecrow to stop wild animals such as elephants and monkeys from destroying crops in Bhutan.

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AI with runlinc

A new electronics development platform that uses the internet to allow programming to be done directly onto a microchip is simplifying the creation of IoT and AI applications.

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